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To be a success in the field of Architecture requires a broad range of experience and technical ability. It requires the Architect to know his client’s needs and provide timely and practical solutions to his problems. At Pross Design Group, Inc. we have the background, experience, and the knowledge to service our clients effectively in all areas.

Pross Design Group Architects Services

Feasibility Studies

We will aid the client in developing cost and project feasibility data combined with master planning for your project, regardless of how small or how large. We understand the benefits of good planning, and we are here to help you make your project a success.

Site Planning

In evaluating Site Design, the local codes, ordinances, topography and soil conditions will be carefully researched. Special considerations and potential impact of the site’s individual characteristics are carefully studied and analyzed to ensure the final site configuration and design is workable and complies with the client’s wants and needs.

Project Management

All of our projects are based on the Project Manager model. At the beginning of each project, a professional staff member will be assigned to lead the project through its’ duration. All correspondence, both verbal and written, will be through the Project Manager. This assures continuity in the relationship of the Owner to Architect, the Architect to his consultants and ultimately the Architect to the Contractor.


We provide a variety of design services for new construction, renovation projects, and/or refurbishing of existing space. Basic services provided include space planning, interior design, layout, construction documents and specifications.

Construction Documents

We take pride in the quality of working drawings and specifications produced by the firm. Through checking and coordination of all disciplines, we assure quality control. We provide full 16 section CSI Project Manuals to compliment the working drawings.

Construction Administration

When requested, we will aid the client in preparation of required bid documents. All phases of construction will carefully be administered from shop drawings and change orders to optional record drawings. The Project Manager will monitor the construction of his project and provide written field reports, if so desired.

Interior Design

With an in-house interior designer we are able to effectively provide various interior design services for all project types including space planning, and making material, furniture and color selections.

Finish-out Design

We provide finish-out design services, helping you customize your space to meet your needs. We help clients build environments that are productive, efficient, and aesthetically reinforce their image and brand.